Mosha l’éléphant de Thaïland


Mosha the elephant stepped on a land mine in Thailand when she was just 7 months old. She lost most of her right front leg.

Ten years later, Mosha walks around with ease thanks to a series of prosthetic legs. She is the first elephant to receive and comfortably adapt to an artificial limb. Without prosthetic limbs, Mosha and other injured elephants would not be able to survive.

Mosha lives on the 200-acre grounds of the world’s first Elephant Hospital, which is run by the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation (FAE) in the northern Thailand town of Lampang.

Missing a leg puts a lot of pressure on an elephant’s spine and remaining three legs, which is why creating comfortable artificial limbs for a growing pachyderm was no easy task. Mosha weighed 1,300 pounds when she lost her leg. She now weighs more than 4,440 pounds.

As Mosha went through growth spurts, a series of prostheses were built for her, all funded by donations. She was fitted with her ninth prosthetic leg in June.

The artificial limbs were designed by Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, an orthopedic surgeon.

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